I first met Catherine when she arrived as an instructor at our local riding school where my daughter, Rose, was riding. Rose at first was not welcoming to Catherine as a new instructor, but Catherine with her infectious love and knowledge for everything to do with equestrianism soon changed that. Rose’s eagerness to learn grew and grew, and Catherine could see this.

I have watched Catherine at work. Her ability to communicate her instruction between adults, teenagers and young children is admirable. Catherine’s method of instruction is engaging, safe and fun, and the results are obvious from lesson to lesson.

One thing you will notice about Catherine, she never has a bad day, and if she does you’d never know! Rose’s progression with Catherine was obvious, and Rose, Catherine and I were so proud when Rose went to her 1st Hunter trials – and won.

When Catherine left the school, to say there were tears would be an understatement. But we knew Catherine was going on to bigger and better things. I know there is a certain group of teenagers now that Catherine started to teach when they were in primary school, now nearly ending their school years, yet they still turn to Catherine for support, and she is always there for them – thank you Catherine.

Catherine has continued to be of great support to Rose, and on hearing of Catherine’s latest venture we are thrilled for her, and wish her all the best.

 ~Julie Kilcawley – mother of Rose and owner of Rosellen’s Florists, Enniscrone, Co. Sligo.

Catherine as an instructor


Got a bitta food on yo’face there, hun! #FollowFriday for #trotinto2020 has to be @bluegrasshorsefeed I’ve been using their #Turmash for nearly a year now and my two literally cannot get enough of it. It has many health benefits and suits both of my horses needs, but what I really love about it is how palatable it is to the horses and how affordable it is to my wallet. One bag goes a long way. 🌊 Why do I recommend it? 🌊 Bluegrass Turmash is a Quick soaking high fibre and oil, cereal free, conditioning Mash. It contains Turmeric which has anti-inflammatory properties and is fortified with high quality vitamins and minerals. The high fibre content promotes a healthy gastrointestinal tract. It’s a non-heating feed with slow release energy sources. 🌊 Turmash contains linseed, a naturally high source of omega 3, to help promote joint health, glossy coat and condition. It promotes weight gain and condition, gastrointestinal health, has anti-inflammatory effects and aids joint health and recovery. 🌊 Both my horses are in their “veteran” years and have slightly different needs, but this is a feed that suits both for different reasons. Plus it smells like a mild curry 🤤 #feedyourface #poweredbybluegrass #bluegrasshorsefeed #palomino
Remember sunny days? 🥺 The Erris Agricultural show is my favourite show of the year. It's only 10 minutes drive from my house - considering we normally have a two hour round trip just to go jumping, having this show down the road is a real luxury! If you're ever in the west and want to jump on probably the best natural surface possible, this is the show. The naturally sandy soil adds a nice bounce to the ground. Even on the days where it's been bucketing down the ground never gets chopped up or heavy. Plus the fact we are great craic in Belmullet, voted the best place to "go wild" in Ireland, you'll be entertained! So even if you dont bring a horse there is plenty to see and do! #errisagriculturalshow #trotinto2020 #wildatlanticrider #WARider #WARHorse #showjumpersofinstagram #showjumper #holsteinerverband #throwbackthursday
𝗛𝗼𝗿𝘀𝗲𝗺𝗮𝗻𝘀𝗵𝗶𝗽 Learning is a treasure that will follow you everywhere - as long as you are open to it. Last week while I was away for work I caught up on the latest Equi Ratings Eventing Podcast on the topic of Horsemanship. The episode included BHS Fellow, Eric Smiley, & event rider Andrew Nicholson. 🌊 In its simplest form, they describe "horsemanship" in terms of the skill & ability to train your horse, a consciousness of its welfare and the respect and responsibility we have as riders to our horses. 🌊 This episode resonated with me as so often we hear riders attribute human characteristics to their horses. We blame them when things go wrong, we complain when we assume they "should" know better, & we "make" them do things that do not come naturally to them. 🌊 But most of all we forget that more often than not our horses are a reflection of ourselves. They reflect our weaknesses & our insecurities just as much as our strengths. We are their teachers, at every level. 🌊 Some are more forgiving than others, some are braver than others but it is up to us to remember that they are horses at the end of the day & the more we learn about them, the better riders we become. This is how partnerships are made. 🌊 If you do nothing else this week, listen to this episode. 🌊 I chose this photo of 3 yr old Cara lunging on the shore as lunging & hacking are my two favourite training techniques - this photo combines both, as well as representing some of my own understanding of Horsemanship. 🌊 Lunging so that I can see how my horses move from the ground. Transitions & different sized circles to teach them to carry themselves without the interference or weight of a rider; so that I might understand why something is not working, or what changes I need to make as a rider to help my horse do the things I'm asking for. 🌊 Hacking as you will never learn to ride properly in a square box arena. A hack is the best place to learn to compromise for various reasons! It's something I have always felt very strongly about as an instructor! This is my #wednesdaywisdom post for @rivieraprltd #trotinto2020 #wildatlanticwednesday #wildatlanticrider #eventingpodcast #horse
One minute you're enjoying a peaceful, relaxing paddle and the next thing ya know 🧨💥🤣 Swipe! Day 13? 14? Not sure but it's a "share a blooper" with your horse for the #trotinto2020 @rivieraprltd So here is 21 year old Solas reminding me of what a cheeky pup he is 🤣 Sooo graceful I am 😁 #shorterreins #bringasaddle #horsesofinstagram #seahorse #beachride #fail #horsefall #wildatlanticrider #WARider #WARHorse #cheekyboy #palomino #veteranhorse #notsoveteranhorse #goldenboy
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