I first met Catherine when she arrived as an instructor at our local riding school where my daughter, Rose, was riding. Rose at first was not welcoming to Catherine as a new instructor, but Catherine with her infectious love and knowledge for everything to do with equestrianism soon changed that. Rose’s eagerness to learn grew and grew, and Catherine could see this.

I have watched Catherine at work. Her ability to communicate her instruction between adults, teenagers and young children is admirable. Catherine’s method of instruction is engaging, safe and fun, and the results are obvious from lesson to lesson.

One thing you will notice about Catherine, she never has a bad day, and if she does you’d never know! Rose’s progression with Catherine was obvious, and Rose, Catherine and I were so proud when Rose went to her 1st Hunter trials – and won.

When Catherine left the school, to say there were tears would be an understatement. But we knew Catherine was going on to bigger and better things. I know there is a certain group of teenagers now that Catherine started to teach when they were in primary school, now nearly ending their school years, yet they still turn to Catherine for support, and she is always there for them – thank you Catherine.

Catherine has continued to be of great support to Rose, and on hearing of Catherine’s latest venture we are thrilled for her, and wish her all the best.

 ~Julie Kilcawley – mother of Rose and owner of Rosellen’s Florists, Enniscrone, Co. Sligo.

Catherine as an instructor


For the day that's in it - happy Valentine's Day 🥰 #throwback #horsewarehugs #valentines #lovemymare #loveGatehouse #holsteinerverband #holsteinermare #hugs #trotinto2020
Dreaming of.... any day that's not windy or lashing rain, hail sleet or snow. Will happily take an overcast mildly damp day. Sunshine a bonus, but not compulsory. Anyway - happy #wildatlanticwednesday Is it Spring yet? #DennisIsComing #wildatlanticrider #WARider #WARHorse #beachride #gatehousehats #tredstepireland #schockemohle #holsteinerverband #horsebloggers #horsesofinstagram #marestare #lovemymare
🆅🅾🆃🅴 Here is a little Insta V Reality.. If you look very closely at the photo you'll see a salt shaker, some kind of plastic basin, pieces of fishing net and some broken plastic cutlery. There were also shampoo bottles, lynx cans and a toilet seat within view. These are the things that you don't see when you look at the crashing waves and the glorious sunsets that fill my social media feeds. I, of course, am disgusted with the housing crisis, the homelessness crisis, the taxation of middle income earners and the serious lack of infrastructure and investment in the west of Ireland. But I'm also acutely aware that our environment is also extremely important, and in some cases, directly affects the issues above. Today is a very important day which will shape the next few years of our lives and on both the politcal and environmental direction our country will take. We are only a small country but we have a huge voice on the world stage. We can be major influencers for change. So get out and vote and remember your vote genuinely counts. And If you vote the same we will only get more of the same garbage that washes up on our shores every day... So that's the end of my political broadcast. I'll return of Atalntic views once Storm Ciara feics off! #votegreen #voteforchange #voteforsaoirse Also #voteforrose 😁 #bansingleuseplastic #climatecrisis #horsesofinstagram #wawpics #wildatlanticrider #wildatlanticway
⏭ Miss G caught having an after lunch siesta 😴 I just loves her 🥰 #prettygirl #marestare #lovemymare #horsesofinstagram #WARHorse #wildatlanticrider #holsteinerverband #holsteinermare #sunnyday
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