Living the Dream – Jessica Tighe the Freelance Groom

I first met Jessica Tighe about 6 or 7 years ago. Even back then, Jessica's enthusiasm and dedication to equestrianism was very obvious. That's why it came as no surprise to me when she made the decision to branch out on her own into the world of freelance grooming. Jessica claims she was always an … Continue reading Living the Dream – Jessica Tighe the Freelance Groom


For the love of a horse

How do we explain our love of horses? It begins with feeling. A love for fresh air, green hills and big blue skies - a fascination with life. It's an overwhelming desire to explore the world around you. A sense of adventure and a yearning for freedom. It's the desire for companionship and love as you take … Continue reading For the love of a horse

A thousand horses….

A thousand horse – and none to ride! With flowing tail, and flying mane, Wide nostrils never stretched by pain, Mouth bloodless to the bit or rein, And feet that never iron shod, And flanks unscarred by spur or rod, A thousand horse, the wild, the free, Like waves that follow o’er the sea, Came … Continue reading A thousand horses….