Sunday Smile – Share a Zoom Brew

Good Morning All 🌞 Today is National Cappuccino Day and as part of the WARider November Lockdown Challenge today is a day to "Share a zoom brew" with someone. It's part of the Smile Sunday theme 😊 As you may have guessed by now, most of my family still live in the states, so weekly … Continue reading Sunday Smile – Share a Zoom Brew

The 10/10/10 Riding Challenge

Hello and welcome to the first weekend riding challenge as part of the WARider November Lockdown Challenge. The 10/10/10 Riding Challenge is relatively simple, until you try it for the first time that is! It will act as a simple trotting exercise to ease you into the WAR Challenges to come. It'll test your co-ordination, … Continue reading The 10/10/10 Riding Challenge

WARider November Lock Down Challenge

I said I wasn't going to bring it up but then I just had to - Lock Down. Bleugh - makes me throw up a little in my mouth every time it's mentioned these days. To say I'm fatigued with the whole thing is an understatement. You hear about it at work, on the news, … Continue reading WARider November Lock Down Challenge

Our first group get together!

Hello All! A couple of weeks ago I decided to reach out over Instagram and see if there were any other riders in my area who would like to meet up on occasion. So after setting up a group chat with a few others we now have a local riding group! On Saturday three of … Continue reading Our first group get together!

A Sunny September Saturday

Luckily the weather gods answered my prayers this weekend and Saturday we were bathed in glorious autumn sunshine! I had been waiting for a nice day to give Luca's tail a wash and tried out a new mane and tail product from Pack Horse. As the weather was nice I vlogged little pieces of our … Continue reading A Sunny September Saturday

A Weekend with the W.A.R Horses

Hello friends! It's pouring rain and blowing a gale here in the West of Ireland - a far cry from the Indian Summer we enjoyed all last week. Today the horses are all tucked up enjoying a duvet day in their stables. So if you find yourself stuck inside today here is a little Sunny … Continue reading A Weekend with the W.A.R Horses

The HFI Shiny Bridle Product Review – Traditional Meets Modern

This product review is a paid partnership in conjunction with HorseworldEu. For the last month I have been trialing the HFI Shiny Bridle which was kindly gifted to me from HorseworldEu. I'm very happy to review this bridle because if I hadn't been asked to try it out, I probably would never have come across … Continue reading The HFI Shiny Bridle Product Review – Traditional Meets Modern

Two out of Three – the Baby G Diaries

The last two months have been a whirlwind - from spur of the moment decisions, disappointments and shock surprises, getting to this point has been an up and down experience! Last year I toyed with the idea of putting Giselle in foal. It's an idea I've secretly daydreamed about for many years. This year, when … Continue reading Two out of Three – the Baby G Diaries