The Falsterbo Fork: A proper pooper scooper.

Roughly a month ago Anne from HorseWorld told me she was sending me the new Falsterbo Fork to review. At first I thought "Great! I need a new shavings fork!" but then the after thought hit me, "how in the hay am I going to write something about a pooper scooper?!".... It's a practical item, so here's a … Continue reading The Falsterbo Fork: A proper pooper scooper.

Tuesday Tip! Keeping it simple

Today's Tuesday tip is going to be short and sweet; Try to keep it simple. As riders and as instructors we can sometimes get too "into" it and complicate things. I myself am very guilty of it - both as a rider and an instructor. It's because we love what we're doing and want to … Continue reading Tuesday Tip! Keeping it simple

Riding tights???

So I took the marketing bait and invested in the new Horseware Ireland riding tights. Riding tights? It just sounds wrong doesn't it? Nothing wrong with a good pair of jodhpurs! But curiosity killed the cat and I couldn't help myself but to check them out and see if they are as amazeballs as they look. … Continue reading Riding tights???

Making a Champion

Today's WordPress daily word prompt is "champion" (via Daily Prompt: Champion) which automatically makes me think of today's big equestrian news - Rio Olympics individual showjumping gold medalists Nick Skelton and his horse, Big Star, have announced their joint retirement. If you're not familiar with who Nick Skelton is, he became Olympic champion in the … Continue reading Making a Champion

Exploring how Structuring Childhood Affects Children’s Well-Being

Children ultimately understand the world through their interactions with adults. The following is a shortened extract from a paper I wrote as part of my masters study in Children’s Rights, Participation and Well-Being – international perspectives. I am a firm believer in enabling children to be active participants in their own learning, be it academically … Continue reading Exploring how Structuring Childhood Affects Children’s Well-Being

Tuesday Tip! The Tunnel of Contact

Some rider's struggle with understanding the term "contact", what it means in terms of riding and it's importance. Experienced riders will be familiar with the classic image of a correct contact - a straight line from the rider's elbow, to the hand, through the reins down to the horse's bit. However, this can be a tricky … Continue reading Tuesday Tip! The Tunnel of Contact Guest Blogger

I feel very fortunate to have been asked by Horse Wold EU to guest blog and review products on their behalf. Horse World is my "local" tack shop - at an hour an 15 minutes drive away - luckily they have a quick and efficient next day delivery service! I'm a firm believer in shopping local … Continue reading Guest Blogger

Saturday morning reflection…

I'm lying in bed, with two cats sleeping at my feet and my dog asleep at the foot of my bed. There's a pile of washing on the floor and a basket of clean clothes still waiting to be put away - and they're going to stay there. This is the first morning in months … Continue reading Saturday morning reflection…

Tuesday Tip! The Dreaded Diagonal

For those of you who struggle to "get the diagonal" this little ditty may be of help to you... Always remember to RISE AND FALL WITH THE LEG ON THE WALL! Now for the explanation.... 1. How many beats are there to the trot? Two you say? Correct!  You can say up-down-up-down if you like but … Continue reading Tuesday Tip! The Dreaded Diagonal

To jump, or not to jump? That is the question.

Ian Fearon Showjumping Clinic I was recently given the opportunity to take part in an Ian Fearon showjumping Clinic. This was kindly organised by my riding club, Benbulben RC. Ian is a high performance Level 3 Horse Sport Ireland coach who managed and coached a number of gold, silver and bronze medal junior and senior … Continue reading To jump, or not to jump? That is the question.