Derryronane Stud – Home of the Performance Connemara Pony and Irish Draught Horse

I have always loved the traditional Irish breeds of the Connemara pony and the Irish Draught horse. Over the last number of years the popularity of the Connemara Pony and the Irish draught has dramatically increased both at home in Ireland and abroad. This popularity is undoubtedly down to their strength, versatility and their kind … Continue reading Derryronane Stud – Home of the Performance Connemara Pony and Irish Draught Horse

A month in pictures!

Even though the days are longer it still seems there are not enough hours in the day! I've been very quiet on the blogging front these past few weeks as life in general has been very VERY busy. So this is just a brief update in pictures about what we've been up to. Work - … Continue reading A month in pictures!

Photo credit: Eventing Nation

The “Not On My Yard” Anti-Bullying Campaign: Why every riding school should get behind it

In 2016 the Not On My Yard anti-bullying campaign was launched by Tudor Rose Equines in an effort to high light bullying within the equestrian industry. Having worked with children and young adults for over a decade, bullying and its effect on those involved has become a subject that is very close to my heart. The Not On … Continue reading The “Not On My Yard” Anti-Bullying Campaign: Why every riding school should get behind it

Tuesday Tip! The Importance of Correct Saddle Fitting

This week I'm cheating a little bit in regards to my Tuesday Tip. Last week I was asked by Anne from HorseWorldEU  to contribute to the topic of saddle fitting and muscle damage on her own blog post. You can read the full article here. If it's one thing that I've learned over the years as … Continue reading Tuesday Tip! The Importance of Correct Saddle Fitting

For the love of a horse

How do we explain our love of horses? It begins with feeling. A love for fresh air, green hills and big blue skies - a fascination with life. It's an overwhelming desire to explore the world around you. A sense of adventure and a yearning for freedom. It's the desire for companionship and love as you take … Continue reading For the love of a horse

One day event – so close!

Yesterday Giselle and I competed in our first one day event of the year - it's been a LONG time coming! We've been focusing on our dressage for the last 6 months or so we were both very excited to be getting out for some fun cross country jumping. Knowing that it would be at … Continue reading One day event – so close!

A thousand horses….

A thousand horse – and none to ride! With flowing tail, and flying mane, Wide nostrils never stretched by pain, Mouth bloodless to the bit or rein, And feet that never iron shod, And flanks unscarred by spur or rod, A thousand horse, the wild, the free, Like waves that follow o’er the sea, Came … Continue reading A thousand horses….

Tuesday Tip! Tricky Tail bandages

This Tuesday Tip is dedicated to a good friend of mine who recently stated that every time she sees a horse's backside it reminds her of me... Now I'm sure there are many people who are reminded of me by a horse's derrière but my friend was referring to a particular tip I gave her about … Continue reading Tuesday Tip! Tricky Tail bandages

The Equestrian “Oops” Moment

Oops Moment: An action or brief moment in time when your behaviour causes you to question your competency as a horsewoman (or man) and/or a functioning member of society. For example: Throwing a quick flake of hay to the horses on your lunch break convinced you managed to escape unscathed from slobber and/or hay - … Continue reading The Equestrian “Oops” Moment

Badminton Horse Trials 2017: Take me back!

One week ago I was arriving in Bristol airport, collecting our hire car and heading off into the Gloucestershire countryside for my first Badminton Horse Trials. This was a personal dream come true. 22 years ago I had never heard of Badminton or knew what Three Day Eventing even was. That was until I was … Continue reading Badminton Horse Trials 2017: Take me back!