Mares are from Venus – Geldings are from Mars

It's well known that mares have a reputation for being difficult. In horse people language the term we use is "mare-ish." Being the independent woman type with high moral standards, and owning two mares (one of which being chestnut), I feel pretty strongly that our equine lady friends are unfairly stigmatized. The topic sprung up … Continue reading Mares are from Venus – Geldings are from Mars

If you build it…

This is going to sound completely random, but that is how I roll... Does anyone remember the Kevin Costner movie, Field of Dreams? It's a 1989 film about a farmer who hears a voice telling him: "If you build it, he will come." Costner's character takes this as an instruction to build a baseball pitch … Continue reading If you build it…

A year from now…

"A year from now, everything you're stressing about won't even matter." Just a little over a year ago, while aimlessly scrolling through my insta feed, I stumbled upon the above quote. A daily inspiration post from one of those accounts created to suck in those who are lost in a virtual life limbo; attempting to … Continue reading A year from now…

Top 5 Durable Products for the Savvy Equestrian

It's nearly Christmas, and if you're like me, you're completely overwhelmed by all theย  Christmas Must-Haves that are currently saturating our social media streams. Instead of showing you my Christmas Wish-List (which is largely influenced by my life motto of "when I win the lottery") I thought I'd but together a little list of my … Continue reading Top 5 Durable Products for the Savvy Equestrian

The Baby is growing up

Hello friends - it's been a while! I cannot believe that it's nearly December. Despite hating these long dark evenings I do love this time of year when the Christmas lights go up, bringing a little sparkle to our lives. Seeing as I've asked you all for input in Cara's show name before, I thought … Continue reading The Baby is growing up

The Price of a Dream

Day 30 of #Blogtober asks to "Share a photo from the past and the story behind it." I have chosen this photo of my first horse, Solas. I first met Solas as a 3 week old foal when he came to the local stables with his mum. It was 1998 and I was 13... He … Continue reading The Price of a Dream

Five Things You Might Not Know About Me

This month is #Blogtober, and everyday there is a theme for us blogger-type people to follow. I haven't been particularly diligent in taking part, but today's theme might be a little bit of fun. Everyone who knows me knows that horses are my life, but they're not my entire life! So here's five things you … Continue reading Five Things You Might Not Know About Me

V-Grip Hybrid Rubber Reins from Henry James Saddlery – Product Review

Back at the beginning of August I finally purchased a new pair of reins. I had been putting off buying a new pair as my old reins were literally molded to my hands! I had tried a few different brands from bridles I had picked up over the years butย as the old faithfuls deteriorated, I … Continue reading V-Grip Hybrid Rubber Reins from Henry James Saddlery – Product Review

F.E.A.R. & Determination

Fear. Everyone fears something. Every rider has some little thing that scares the livin' bejaysus out of them. The sound of the jump cups tinging as your instructor puts them up a hole, sharing a lesson with the some one who appears to be absolutely flawless with an amaze-balls horse, or the pre-competition nerves leaving … Continue reading F.E.A.R. & Determination

Millstreet Horse Show 2018

Millstreet International Horse Show's August fixture is the high light of every show jumper's year. I'm normally working during it so the fact that I got to take a few days off this year and go was dream come true. Getting to take Miss G was the added bonus! I have been working extremely hard … Continue reading Millstreet Horse Show 2018