Catherine is an avid equestrian who spent many years teaching and instructing in a busy, family run riding school. A pony obsessed child, she herself only started riding in her early teens, proceeded to train to BHS stage 3 level and has produced a number of ponies and horses along the way. After being awarded a first class master’s degree of Arts in Education from University College Dublin, she now works as an education manager in a prestigious Irish language college.


Coaching and mentoring young people is her passion; be it to instill a love for the Irish language or to encourage others to have the self-confidence to achieve their equestrian goals.

Catherine is an active member of the Association of Irish Riding Clubs, Show Jumping Ireland and Dressage Ireland. She competes her Holstein mare, Giselle, on a regular basis. She writes competition reports for and is also a freelance instructor to young riders in her locality.

Based on the west coast of Ireland this blog is a reflection of her interests and experiences of juggling full time work, riding, competing and instructing from her rural location.

One thought on “Bio

  1. I grew up on the beach in Malibu, then Hawaii, and I love the beach shots :)) There is something so special about riding on the beach !!! I’m sending you a link to my daughter, EllaHarp, because I think you’ll enjoy her music. She went to Uni in Scotland for Celtic harp :)) Enjoy the long days, the beaches, the music, and of course, the horses :)) Dawn


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