A Golden Milestone

It’s a special weekend here at WAR HQ. This weekend marks 21 years with the Golden boy. The “gotcha” weekend you might say.

Everyone remembers the day they got their first horse or pony. If you were to ask them, they would probably all agree that that day was, and still is, a major milestone in their lives.

On the 19th of February I age 12 shook hands on the deal that would change my life literally forever. A few days later on the 22nd, money exchanged hands and the rest is history!

They say a milestone is a significant event in your life and is more often referred to as the start of a new chapter. At the time I had no idea how that quick decision would shape my life.

But Solas is my “Golden Milestone.” A reference point from which all distances are measured, a pilar which all roads lead to and from.

There have been many milestones since the 19th of February, 2000. And more recently I have reached another, which I’ll share with you all again soon 😊

But at the core of them all is the yellow pony who put me on the road to where I am today.

The Golden Boy, my bit of Fool’s Gold, the little palomino colt by a stallion named Milestone King…

And my best friend for 21 years 💛

So Happy 21st Solas, it is Time to bust out the carrots!


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