Wild Atlantic Wednesday – We are Family

The first full family portrait – all three of the WAR Horses in one frame! 🥳

Today’s WARider Challenge post is all about Juke Box Day. What song is going to shape your day or represents you and your horse(s)?

Today the song “We are Family” is repeating in my head in celebration of Luca FINALLY being accepted as one of the gang!

This is huge for me, not only making managing them all a lot easier but also for the young fella – finally releasing poor Luca from his solitary confinement!

It took time, but to avoid stress and injuries it was worth waiting instead of just rushing and throwing them all out together.

So today I will be humming along to We are Family and The Greatest Showman’s “From now On” for when I come home from work to bring them home… pray for 12 clean legs!!

Happy #WildAtlanticWednesday all!
Hon the Choooons!


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