National Princess Day – Her Royal Highness Miss G

Once upon a time there was a mare called Miss G,

She lived in a big yard that started with a C.

When she was young she was more than renowned,

Her sass and her attitude, she wore like a crown.

Her tail it would swish and her ears would go back,

A show jumping round looked more like an attack.

And for this conduct she was less than admired

A reputation of sass was duly acquired.

Oh She’s sensitive, she’s sassy and spooky for sure,

But there’s more to this mare than credit gives for.

She has heart, she has courage and is kind to the core,

But what I’ve learned most, is her heart belongs outdoors.

Give her wide open spaces, the sea and the shore,

Just sit a little lower, and I promise she’s yours.

And when allowed to run free, no walls or no fences,

She learns to trust you, and you in her higher senses.

Then bring her back to the ring once more,

Hold tight, can you feel it? She is going to WAR!

Fire of Quantum announced and called on the speakers,

Watch this one they say, we hear them whispers!

For she is honest and brave and will do all she can

To bring you home clear, a rosette in both hands.

She does this not knowing the difference of red or blue,

She does it because she’s put her trust in you.

So Miss G you may be a Princess at times,

And many would feel your sass is crime.

But you wear an invisible crown! You’ve more than earned it, be seen!

For you are more than a Princess Miss G – you are a QUEEN!


A little ode to Queen G on this National Princess Day…. I was nearly going to write a big feminist article for today’s Wild Atlantic Wednesday post but that wouldn’t have been as fun as writing this little ditty about the sassy bay mare who has taught me so much over the years.

From “she doesn’t do dressage” to the rears, the spooks, the stops and getting floored – I wouldn’t change any of it. It’s just another lesson life with horses, with a mare, has taught me. There is always a reason…

(just don’t pass the rearing and spinning onto your foal, please, Miss G… that’d be great, thanks.)

So here’s to all the misunderstood females on this National Princess Day – cos underneath it all a Princess is just a Queen in the making!


4 thoughts on “National Princess Day – Her Royal Highness Miss G

  1. Fabulous! My daughter and I had mares for several years but now I am a gelding owner. My daughter no longer rides. But those mares were great characters. The first horse my daughter had used to look after her. If she fell off she would wait till she got up and got back on. I really enjoyed your poem about your Princess.

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    1. If I think about it, even from the working in the riding school days, I can actually remember vividly several of the mare schoolies would do the same – they would also stop and waint patiently for the rider to get up and “retrieve” them!

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