WARider November Lock Down Challenge

I said I wasn’t going to bring it up but then I just had to – Lock Down. Bleugh – makes me throw up a little in my mouth every time it’s mentioned these days. To say I’m fatigued with the whole thing is an understatement. You hear about it at work, on the news, radio, social media (again, here I am on that merry bandwagon!) but the truth is everyone is hurting a little bit at the moment as a result of the big P for one reason or another.

So. I’ll get to the point. Today, the 4th of November, is Stress Awareness day. The stress of entering another LD and the stress of all the uncertainty has inspired this idea. Here’s why..

I’m a fiercely independent person – to a fault nearly. But I am also a fiercely SOCIAL person as well. LD numero uno *try and pronounce it with your best JLo accent* was all good for me – it was grand. I probably pissed many of you off with my endless “through the ears” photos while  hacking Giselle every day (Good times.. really was). LD numero uno gave me time to rest and recharge, as well as many other things (if you follow the aul Insta page you’ll have read or noticed..) anyhoo..  off point again.

Ok the point. LD uimhir a dó (that’s “ivir ah doe” to the non Irish speakers. It means Number Two – not that kind of uimhir a dó, filth.) has not left me with the same feelings of hope and optimism. It’s dark and it’s shit and the uncertainty stresses me out. So I need a little motivation to get my backside into gear and refocus – and I also need a little help doing it.

So, because I prefer doing things with people rather than on my own, I am inviting you all to join me in the WARider November Lock Down Challenge YAY it’s a thing now out of muh head and onto the “paper.

So how does it work?

Over the next 4 weeks I will be posting a theme or a challenge to get you off the couch, outside for some fresh air, baking or just reflecting on the good things in life – all in the hope to beat the cabin fever that many of us are suffering from. The aim of the game is to get us all back in touch with the things we love doing, the things we’d like to try to do and get back in touch with the lighter side of life again. 

For me, it’s all about imagination, activity and fun – and taking the “mick” out of ourself a little bit too. It will be four weeks with four posts or challenges per week. So this is how it goes:

Sunday Smiles

Each Sunday will bring a theme to make you or someone else smile – spread a lil love peeps!

Wild Atlantic Bake Off Challenge

Every week I will bake my favourite treats, from cheese cake, cookies and pies. I’ll post the recipe and the how to instructions for you to try out too, just in time for the GBBO

Wild Atlantic Wednesdays

It wouldn’t be a WAR Challenge if it didn’t incorporate a Wild Atlantic Wednesday Post!

and finally..

FriYay Weekend Riding / Activity Challenge

I’m not riding fit, in fact, I’m like a lumpy spud at the moment, but Miss G and I are still fit enough to challenge you to some unconventional riding exercises – to both challenge you and bring you back to pony camp!

If you decide to take part, please – I do not expect or wish that you complete every challenge over the next few weeks, unless you really want to that is. Pop in and out and do the ones that appeal to you, excite you or even inspire an idea for your own post or activity.

Making this template was a challenge in itself!

Also, post in your own time, there are no rules that you have to post on a specific day or date, only that you reference the challenge and tag the Wild Atlantic Rider account or use the #WARiderChallenge and #WildAtlanticWednesday so we can follow your posts and musings!

This is all about getting out and having some fun. Chances are lads and ladies, I probably will fail epically at this myself, but at least I’ve set myself some goals here and made myself totally accountable by telling you all!

I’ll post the themes or challenges in time for you to have a think about what you’d like to try or post – and I am also very much open to your suggestions if there is anything you would like to see ME try out.

Whether you give it a go or not and decide to just follow along, please do get in touch and have the LOLs and the Bants with me. So join me with today’s first Wild Atlantic Wednesday post HERE.

Chat soon,

Cat x


2 thoughts on “WARider November Lock Down Challenge

  1. This is a terrific idea. I shall join in where possible. I am looking forward to seeing Princess Day. When my daughter was about 4 she was asked what she was going to be for Halloween. She replied. ” I’m going to be what I’ve always been….a Princess!” 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Anne, I really hope there are some things you will find enjoyable in it! I am also looking forward to Princess Day, as there are a few in my life! I’m just working on today’s riding challenge and will have it up shortly, but you being a dressage rider, I would absolutely love your feedback!
      Chat soon,
      Cat x

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