What it’s really about…

No poles, no markers, no circles, no serpentines.
No jumps, no grids, no cavaletti.

No one watching, no one to see. No judges or stewards, it’s just my horse and me.

You’ll win no rosettes here, no sashes or prize. But something better awaits us, it’s there in the skies.

A sea breeze, open fields and the sun on our backs. No fences, no gates. It’s the wind in our faces – it’s power and it’s grace.

A canter, a gallop, a pause by the shore. It’s not always about working, remember there’s more.

We’ll win no rosettes here, no sashes or prize – but what it’s really all about is there in the skies.

What it’s really about is her and me, our friendship, our adventures, our home by the sea..


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