The Cusp of a Wave

While the sun still sets and the tides they rise,
The earth, it spins and the clouds roll by.
The birds, they sing and the daffodils bloom,
With the smell of spring, the summer, it looms.
Yet here I am, trying to find words to say
A special thank you to those who feel miles away.
They wear gowns of blue, their faces covered,
The sound of their voices, muffled and smothered.
And though it may seem that the world grows dark,
A clap in the night reignites a spark.
A nation called to stand firm and stand still.
Batten down, they say, as best you can do,
Behind closed doors we rally for you.
Yet despite this fight, their eyes, they still shine!
Their calling to care from something Devine.
So to those who sacrifice the most for us,
Know we are with you, our spirits, our trust.
And while it may feel we are worlds away,
The earth, it grows smaller with each passing day.
I reach out my hand, and yours to mine,
Know the birds, they still sing and the sun it still shines.
So here we stand, on the cusp of a wave,
A thank you to those wearing blue of the brave.
And when this is over, we will stand on the shore,
Together, singing, voices muffled no more.

To those who wear blue scrubs  or white lab costs, fluorescent yellow uniforns or green. Behind tills, behind the wheel of a delivery truck.
Thank you. Catherine x


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