What inspires you?

“The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.”

The photo that inspired it all.
10 years ago on a stormy January Sunday with my original seahorse, Solas.
Day 19 of the @rivieraprltd #trotinto2020 January challenge is a #socialsunday – what inspires your social media page?

I can’t explain it but there is something about the sea that makes me feel “at home.” It’s the same feeling I get when walking into the stables early in the morning, when it’s silent and calm, and get greeted by the gentle nickers of my horses.

I’ve been lucky enough to have grown up with Solas. With no arena or access to shows or lessons growing up, we learned by trial and error. I had to learn to control a bolting and bucking youngster in wide open spaces – or sell him. I opted to learned, quick!

I can’t ever imagine living somewhere that’s not close to the sea or horses. Now home with two horses, miles from training facilities and opportunities, we use what we have as best as we can and school and train on the beaches and quiet roads around us.

We’ve made many friends from this account and have been afforded some amazing opportunities as a result of it. It can be tough at times, especially when work and bad weather stop you from getting out for a ride, or distance makes it difficult to get to a lesson or show. But I love sharing these views and the beauty of our patch of the west of Ireland with you all!

I hope you enjoy do too.


6 thoughts on “What inspires you?

  1. Love to know how u start with youngsters in wide open spaces I’ve gone from luxury of training facilities to open (and I mean open) fields… I’ve never had the guts to ride on the beach on my own. Jump 150 fence no hassle once I’m in an arena I’m good but other than that I’m a wreck!


    1. For me it was necessity, I didn’t have much choice. But I think if you break it down to short spins out, and keep the horse focused. My mare was a nightmare to hack but the more I kept her round, leg yielding, shoulder in/fore etc it kept her mind focused on something other than the round feeders and sheep!


      1. Giselle definitely is more relaxed now, but I am aware of the things that might set her off. In the early days she would stop, spin and rear, but now I can hack her on a long rein. I think in those situations where they start napping they really look to us, as riders, to be reassuring and confident. It’s their nature to look for a leader. I’ve had one or two people try to hack G out and turn around and hack home on routes that she’s well used to, instead of pushing her forward. when she starts to look at something. I think if you can persevere through the initial stages, it’s worth it, and they will only gain more confidence from it. Just may experience, I guess!


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