Beach Ballet with the Golden Oldie

Sometimes we just need some Vitamin Sea.

With work being so busy, and having very few weekends off for shows and lessons, I’ve resolved myself to the fact that this summer is just going to to be about enjoying my horses and having a little fun.

I struck lucky last week with my two days off being two of the warmest and nicest days so far. So I decided to revert to the days of my youth and head to the beach with the golden boy, Solas, bareback for some fun in the waves.

I pulled the old boy in from the field – a big sleepy head on him and a belly full of grass. I hopped up bareback and hacked quietly down the road to the beach, my dog Chena, trotting along behind me.

Solas hasn’t been in the water, or on the beach even, for well over a year. Growing up, we would gallop the beaches, climb the sand dunes and jump off them like as if they were the Hickstead Derby Bank. We’d ride out into the waves and sometimes go swimming bareback. He was always brave and loved the adventure as much as I did.

He has always loved the water and when we got down onto the sand, he marched straight in, no questions asked. Sticking his nose in the water, blowing bubbles and licking his lips at the salty deliciousness of the sea water, we were having a great time!

We were loving every minute of it – but what you don’t know about Solas is that he has another side to him.. and sometimes, the little devil comes out in him when you least expect it!

We’ve had a lot of fun with the response from the video below – so I hope it gives a you a giggle. Even at 21 years old, he is still a complete pup!!



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