Schockemöhle Pallas Anatomical Girth – Product Review

Background of the “Girthy” Mare

“She’s just being mare-ish,” “She’s just fed up of schooling,”

“Maybe she’s got ulcers?”


“Maybe she’s just uncomfortable?”….

These were the the thoughts that went through my head every time I dodged the wrath of my mare while tacking her up.

Every time I crouched down to feel for the girth hanging on her off side I found myself keeping my eyes fixed on her front end, ready to dodge the fangs that were taking aim at me.

I decided it wasn’t enough to assume she was just being “mare-ish.” She didn’t behave like that in any other circumstance, so something was obviously amiss when tacking her up. Her saddle had been correctly fitted.. but her girth was a generic, run of the mill type and not made to the highest quality. So I decided to look at her tack before summoning a vet to discuss the possibility of ulcers.

After some research on anatomical designs (and figuring out that “anatomical” meant “relating to the bodily structure”) I decided I’d like to try the Schockemöhle Pallas Anatomical Girth. Being a fan Schockemöhle already, a friend kindly gave me her Pallas girth to try out before invested in my own. After a week, there was a distinct change in Giselle’s behavior when tacking her up.

Now, her ears were still going back and I was still subject to severe mare stare but her reaction the the girth tightening was gradually becoming less and less severe. So I took the jump and bought one.

About the Schockemöhle Pallas Anatomical Girth

The Schockemöhle Pallas Anotomical girth is essentially designed to allow for greater movement and flexibility in the elbow area whilst the wider center allows for greater pressure dispersion across the belly.

The shape of the leather girth is cut away from the elbows and the soft leather and extra padding is designed to allow for extra comfort.

The girth has strong elastic on both ends attached to strong roller buckles for attachment to the saddle billets.

The center of the girth is slightly wider and more oval shaped, allowing for greater dispersion of pressure. The sides of the girth have D rings if you need or wish to add tack accessories or training aids. The center piece has a larder D ring for martingales or attachable accessories.

The girth comes in either black, or brown. I opted for brown to matach my tack.


Quality and Value for Money

Quality wise, the girth holds it’s own.

I’ve had it for over a year now and the Pallas girth is still in the same condition as it was when I bought it. The leather work is excellent, the stitching is firm and secure and the finished leather is smooth and easily cleaned.

The roller buckles are strong and allow for ease of use and the elastic that connects them has not stretched since I first purchased the girth.

It has a high end finish and I cannot fault it on quality.

10/10 from me.

The recommended RRP for this girth is around €159, but I have also seen it advertised for €172. Value for money wise – it is definitely an investment and will put a hole in your purse but I think it’s money well spent, for three reasons:

  1. After a year of constant use, the girth is still in immaculate condition and looks as new.
  2. My mare has little protest when being tacked up now in comparison to before the Pallas girth. I can only put that down to her own comfort. She still can be a bit girthy, but not to the extreme where she will actually nip or bite me, as before.
  3. The quality of the leather and the leather work is second to none – you get what you pay for!

I somehow doubt you’ll find this girth in a clearance section or bargain bucket but for anyone wanting to invest in a good girth, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

After a clean and a light coat of Neatsfoot oil.

What would I change?

The only thing I would change about the girth are the small D rings placed at either end of the girth. I only say this as I personally have no need for them at all.

For some reason they annoy me when looking at them, it’s just an aesthetic thing for me.

Apart from that, the Schockemöhle Anatomical Pallas Girth is probably my favorite item of tack, and I have no regrets in buying it.


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2 thoughts on “Schockemöhle Pallas Anatomical Girth – Product Review

  1. Looking fabulous in the photos! i think a girth is worth investing in and I have an anatomical Prestige. When it comes to the medium and extended trots I think it really makes a difference in Biasini’s ability to really move his shoulders. Nice review!

    Liked by 1 person

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