A year from now…

“A year from now, everything you’re stressing about won’t even matter.”

Just a little over a year ago, while aimlessly scrolling through my insta feed, I stumbled upon the above quote. A daily inspiration post from one of those accounts created to suck in those who are lost in a virtual life limbo; attempting to lure us into thinking their daily affirmations are there to motivate and save us from a life of unfulfilled dreams, disappointments and procrastination.

Well that’s what I thought, anyway. So cynical, right?

At the time my life had taken a dramatic and sudden U-turn and I was on an unfamiliar road; definitely not the one I had envisioned.

You see, in Ireland, when the shit hits the proverbial pan, superstition tells us that things will happen in threes – and in my case they did. Three big bangs to my life plan (one literal big bang which left my beloved Land Cruiser for the scrap yard) and as a result, I spent my evenings curled up in a ball of self-pity, aimlessly scrolling through my social media feeds wishing I was living the life of a Kardashian (more specifically Kendall Jenner, cos she’s the cool, down to earth super-model one who travels the world – Oh, and rides horses, too).

I had regrets, I had a stale, burnt taste of bitterness, I even felt resentful of my horses (despite them being my greatest solace). I doubted every decision I had made up until that point and I was turning very cynical. This cocktail of crappiness left me feeling stressed and worried about how I was going to “fix” everything, to the point where I was completely stuck.

Then I read that sentence, “A year from now, everything you are stressing about won’t even matter.” It was the profound realization that I needed at that time and as much as I hate to admit it, a motivational Instagram post was, indeed, correct; and even more annoying, it has become integral to my voice of reason.

From that point, I began to live the life of a Kardashian(‘s fifth cousin-six-times-removed-on-a-significantly lower-and-less-extravagant-budget) in my own way and for myself and with the people who matter most. (That’s a very important bit – there are some very important people, who shall remain nameless – you know who you are)

So as I look back on 2018, I’m sharing this with the hope that that little sentence may help someone who may be feeling the way that I did a year ago. Whether it’s your riding goals, your job, relationships or just life in general, believe me when I say, there will always be a shit-storm brewing at some stage, there will always be rainy days and you will have tough times – but they will pass, and a year from now your current stresses wont even matter.

So instead of dreaming of living the life of a Kardashian, GO and make your own dreams a reality. Ride your horses (or bikes or waves or roller coasters, or what ever it is you’re into) spend time with your friends, cherish your family and spend the goddamn money and go on the feicin’ trip of a lifetime and have a F***in’ great year.

You deserve it.

Cat x


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