Top 5 Durable Products for the Savvy Equestrian

It’s nearly Christmas, and if you’re like me, you’re completely overwhelmed by all the  Christmas Must-Haves that are currently saturating our social media streams.

Instead of showing you my Christmas Wish-List (which is largely influenced by my life motto of “when I win the lottery“) I thought I’d but together a little list of my favorite products and brands based on their durability and value of money. We, or those who we hint at for 11 months of the year, all know that before forking out a couple hundred €s on the latest equestrian fad, we want to know that our money is being well invested.

So here’s my top 5 worth while investment items…

  1. Tredstep Donatello Field Boots

I have put Tredstep Donatello field boots through HELL for the last 4 years. I’m not precious about things, they were bought to be used and my god they have been used.

Hacking, competing, around the yard, wandering around Tesco, beach rides (which end up in the sea..), walking the endless miles around horse shows (just to find a freakin’ loo)… Rain, hail, sleet, snow and glorious summer sunshine.. you name it, they’ve experienced it and have lived to tell the tale.

Back when they were brand spanking new…….. Man I feel guilty now.

They wear their battle scars with pride having been to the boot doctor for a touch up (and new zips) this year for the first time. I cannot fault them for comfort and longevity. As my mother recently said, “maybe if you had cleaned them more often they’d be in better shape.”

Touché Mom-Ma, Touché.

2. Rugged Horse Breeches.

These bad boys have stood the test of time. I first bought my Rugged Horse breeches 6 years ago when I was working full time as a riding instructor. I bought two pairs initially, in plum and olive, and a 3rd pair of navy breeches a couple of years later.

I’m not kidding you when I say I have literally lived in them. The stitching is still in tact, the zips are still functional and the clasps, despite some weight fluctuations over the years, have held firm! I cannot remember how much they cost back then, probably around €80-€100 euro but I could not have invested in a more comfortable, flattering and hard wearing pair of jodhpurs.


3. Pikeur riding socks.

Just buy them.

I wish I could take back all the money I’ve given to Pennys/Primark over the years for knee length socks and invested in more Pikeur riding socks. They’re thicker at your feet like a normal sock, but thin like a pair of tights up to your knee – and your toes don’t burst through them after 3 wears.


The thinness saves a lot of embarrassment when trying zip your boots up in the winter – zero bulky calf syndrome (unless you hit the mince pies a lil too hard), OR if you’re like me and struggle with your lefts and your other lefts they clearly mark them out for you! #winning

4. HKM Saddle pads

I own quite a few.

Some I’ve had longer than others but all still look as good as the day I bought them.  Like anything I own, it has to be hard wearing; not one of of my HKM saddle pads has a thread out of place.

2_1_low res_JIA_1950-20181202-140843968.jpg
HKM saddle pad and the trusty Donatello Field Boot

They’re stylish – often following the lead from more expensive brands but more affordable. I really cannot justify forking out anymore than €30-€40 on a saddle pad knowing how durable the HKM ones are – real value for money.

5. Finally, last but not least… Schockemohle Anything and Everything.

Giselle’s bridle, dressage girth,  new anatomical girth and my two favourite jackets come from Schockemohle.

Schockemohle Bridle, girth and Steena jacket


The tack – beautifully and stylishly made, soft supple leather and clearly comfortable for Miss G (as she’d bite my head off if it wasn’t). There is no doubt this brand is an investment price wise, but a worth while one for style, value for money and comfort to my horse. I say this because I have had the dressage girth and bridle for at least 5 years and they are still in perfect nick, and G is not half as girthy as she was before I bought the anatomical girth.

(Disclaimer: These bits do actually get cleaned and treated with love regularly, why I don’t do the boots at the same time I still don’t know..)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As for my jackets – my first is a down quilted winter jacket – probably 5 years old by now? And still as new as the day I bought it. It’s extremely comfortable and warm. I haven’t needed to buy a new winter jacket yet (despite reaaaally wanting this season’s newer version!)

Tredstep Donatello Field Boot, Rugged Horse Breeches and Schockemohle jacket.

The second is this years Steena Ladies Jacket… This was my treat to myself pre-Badminton and it was perfect for that time of year. The steel grey with orange trim had been reserved for the German National team until this year, but now it is available to the public.

I have received many compliments and inquiries from both horsey and non-horsey people alike on this jacket. It’s perfect as a layer under a body warmer or stylish enough to wear about the town.

Both jackets are warm, washable and versatile – winners!

So, there you have it – 5 things I’ve got serious value for money from. Most of these items were purchased from Horse World Eu (sale on right now) but should be available from most equestrian retailers.

Now I’m off to write to Santa for a new pair of Tredstep boots!! Enjoy the holidays my friends!

Cat x





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