The Baby is growing up

Hello friends – it’s been a while!

I cannot believe that it’s nearly December. Despite hating these long dark evenings I do love this time of year when the Christmas lights go up, bringing a little sparkle to our lives. Seeing as I’ve asked you all for input in Cara’s show name before, I thought you might like to know what we’ve been up to.

(By the way.. We’ve decided to go for “Love Me Tender” for her name! ❤ )

After Millstreet in August, Giselle and I finished our season with our first win in Cavan Equestrian Centre (video below). It was such a lovely way to finish off what had been an amazing season. But both of us were exhausted by the end of the weekend and welcomed a well earned break in September. I flew off to Alaska to see my family and G spend some quality time with her buddies out in the field.


October came very quickly and despite being busy at work I began doing a little bit of work with Cara. I had started introducing her to the bit and side reins during the summer and a little bit of lunging.

She’s proving herself to be quick to learn – an typically opinionated as you’d expect a mare to be! I’ve realised she has a lot of the same traits as Miss G so I clearly have a type! Nevertheless, Cara has taken everything that was been put before her exactly as I expected.

  • Initial reaction – “What the hell are you doing to me”
  • Secondary thought – “No way in hell are we doing that hu-woman!”
  • Once begun – “I’m still not too sure, but I’ll attempt it hu-woman, if it means a carrots involved!”
  • Final thoughs – “Ok, what evs, this is easy.. NEXT”

With lack of facilities at home to do more, Cara moved to the yard where I keep Miss G. We began with a little loose lunging. Keen to see what her ability and what her technique is like, she did a little bit of loose lunging over poles. Needless to say, from the video below, I’m very excited about her future.  She’s a lovely loose and straight mover in all gaits and jumping wise, it’s clear she can measure her stride and learns from her mistakes.


Most excitingly, I managed to sit up on her for the first time. She took it all in her stride, surprisingly enough! And despite one or two wobbles, which are to be expected, we had a short little hack up and down the road guided by my friend and her more experienced horse. This gave Cara the confidence and reassurance she needed.

Three years waiting for this view!

Now Cara is home for a little break after all she has learned the last few weeks. I believe strongly in allowing them time to digest all the information which has been thrown at her. We’ll start back again in a week or two – once I get back from a weekend show with Miss G and work settles down again.

Chat soon,

Cat and gang xx

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