Five Things You Might Not Know About Me

This month is #Blogtober, and everyday there is a theme for us blogger-type people to follow. I haven’t been particularly diligent in taking part, but today’s theme might be a little bit of fun.

Everyone who knows me knows that horses are my life, but they’re not my entire life! So here’s five things you probably don’t know about me.

I’m Alaskan!

Alaskan – NOT CANADIAN. Long story.

To be fair, I’m more Irish than anything else, but I still have strong connections and love for my hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska.


Alaska is known as the “Last Frontier” state and Fairbanks, located in the interior, is known as the “Golden Heart City.”

Tá Gaeilge agam – I speak Irish. 

I’m a *cough* fluent Irish speaker and work for an Irish language college, where all our daily work is done through Irish!

Now this might seem like a no brainer to some, seeing as I live in Ireland. However, having grown up in Alaska, and had no choice but to learn Irish when we moved to the west of Ireland. My father and grandparents are/were fluent Irish speakers so I guess I had a connection to the language before having the opportunity to learn it properly.


I’m living living, breathing proof that immersion education works!

I wasn’t supposed to be a riding instructor

That happened by accident. Spurred on by comments that I couldn’t do the BHS exams, that they were too difficult, I decided to do them to test myself – and prove one or two people wrong! Stubborn streak, I guess!!


So I set out having weekly flatwork lessons to tune up, went off and sailed through to stage 3. By then, I had met the owner of the riding school I went on to work in, and he offered me a few days here and there.. which turned into 3 and a half years full time!

I loved every single minute of it, and if I won the lottery tonight I’d set up am Equestrian learning center… #thedream

If I had to choose another sport…

I’d be a swimmer. I love swimming. 28279720_10155042790512085_1187457165466484268_n

Before moving to Ireland and finally getting to ride, we swam – myself and my two brothers were on the Midnight Sun Swim team. I still love the water and should really get back in the pool.

I once won a lovely ladies competition. FOR CHARITY, OK?!

Yep, my friend entered me in  the charity ‘Rose of Belmullet’ competition, which I won by teaching the presenter to do the rising trot on the back of a chair. Yes there is a video – no you can’t see it. It will remain buried in the archives forever. The term ‘ride’ was misused on several occasions. (Still can’t believe I did that. Still can’t believe I won doing that?!)


Now, tell me something about yourself that I might not know?

Cat x






3 thoughts on “Five Things You Might Not Know About Me

  1. Wonderful! My daughter, Ella, went to Uni in Scotland (Glasgow) at the RSAMD, (now called RCS) in Scottish harp and Gaelic song, from our home in California. She then went on to Sabhal Mor Ostaig Gaelic language school on the Isle of Skye for immersion in Scottish Gaelic :)) She moved back home to California, built a Tiny House, and plays her one-of-a-kind Aluminum Celtic Harp as a singer-songwriter . . .
    hear her music here :))

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