Name Game: Cara needs a name!

Where did those 3 years go? My “child” is all grown up!


Little Cara is now 3 and is about to start her education, which means, she might get out to a show this summer. Fun times!

She has a walk to die for and even though she’s only 15/1 at the moment, she has a great big canter stride and gallops like a racehorse. I’m hoping she’ll make a potential small event horse – I’ve seen her jump ditches (that she’s not supposed to…) and she’s already been to the beach and had no problem dipping her toes in the water.

She’s by a Hanoverian horse called Mr. Pretender, who’s breeding includes Contendro X Lena X Lauries  Crusador. Her dam is by the great Irish Draught stallion, Grange Bouncer, who evented to 3* level.

Daddy – Mr. Pretender, clearing 1.85 in Belgium with Miel Delhaye – Photo Cred Miel Delhaye


Personality wise she has the best of both breeds. She can be sassy, living up to the typical chestnut mare stereotype. However, “Cara” means friend in Irish (Gaelic) and true to her name, she genuinely wants to be your friend. She is kind in nature, inquisitive and intelligent. She might be a little too inquisitive at times as it has gotten her into trouble. She’s given me a sleepless night or two!

She enjoys eating mostly- definitely a draught at dinner time. She loves turn out time and squeals and bucks like a lunatic until Solas or Giselle tell her off. Sometimes she like to squeal and buck standing in the middle of her stable when she doesn’t get let out first.

So now she needs a show name – and I think I need a little help or inspiration. I’d like to add “Tender” into her name some how. Can you think of anything? If you have children, they tend to be very good at thinking up witty and catchy names. I’d love to hear some suggestions.

In the meantime I’ll continue to brainstorm. Unfortunately I’ve only been able to come up with “Chicken Tender” so far…. Help me!!

Cat x

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