A month in pictures!

Even though the days are longer it still seems there are not enough hours in the day! I’ve been very quiet on the blogging front these past few weeks as life in general has been very VERY busy. So this is just a brief update in pictures about what we’ve been up to.

  1. Work – enough said. It’s busy season!IMAG06482. Lessons – long evening make for plenty after work lessons. This is Leah and her pony Ivan who are aiming to compete in their first show at the end of the month.IMAG06703. Box rest and veterinary visits.. Cara gave me a fright 2 weeks ago when she hopped over to me on 3 legs. Afraid she had a tendon injury she was boxed off to stay closer to our equine vet for scans and checks. Luckily it was just a little “sprain”and she’s absolutely fine again after 2 weeks box rest. IMAG06464. Evening check on my Golden Boy!IMAG0634~2

    5. Showjumping Schooling…………. We’re aiming for another ODE next week so it’s practice practice practice. Even until MIDNIGHT.Snapchat-1151625787

    6. And MORE schooling… Trips to our dressage trainer’s yard and practicing in our free time. It’s all about the medium trot and forwardness off the leg (made very easy when there’s a mile long beach to play with!)IMG_20170705_223118_751IMAG0702

Hopefully be back to a normal schedule soon……… Cat xx


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9 thoughts on “A month in pictures!

  1. I’m so glad it was just a sprain. Sounds like you are happily busy! It’s on my bucket list to ride on the beach. Locally there is only one beach that allows it and it’s by reservation only and two hours away. One day!

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