For the love of a horse

How do we explain our love of horses?

It begins with feeling. A love for fresh air, green hills and big blue skies – a fascination with life. It’s an overwhelming desire to explore the world around you. A sense of adventure and a yearning for freedom. It’s the desire for companionship and love as you take on the world; and the hope to experience it all with your one true friend.FB_IMG_1496661458905

There is no animal that represents this feeling better than the horse. Sleek limbs, long flowing tails streaming in the wind; like a roll of thunder, it’s the quake of the ground as they come galloping past. It’s the still and calm they bring as you look into their brown eyes. FB_IMG_1496661275091

It’s a sense of belonging. An ability to communicate a feeling without saying a word – and being truly understood. It’s the ultimate test in trust.

The horse wants to know you. He’ll listen to you even when sometimes you’re not willing to listen to him. And yet, in return he’ll still carry you to the places of your wildest dreams.

You see, for many people the horse is the embodiment of strength, grace and freedom and the opportunity to ride on their back is the epitome of all their hopes, dreams and ambitions.

The horse will challenge you.



He’ll teach you, and sometimes the lessons will come the hard way! But when you’re down or lonely, he’ll sit with you. He’ll sometimes make you happy when no one else can.

He’ll always forgive you, but most of all, the horse will always try to bring the best out in you.

 That is why we love horses…..

          For my best friend, Solas, and all the pony mad children still begging for a pony!


7 thoughts on “For the love of a horse

  1. I LOVE this!!! It is sooooo true!!!! I love love love how you worded it…. ❤ ❤ Also, you have got the prettiest horse ever!!! I love palominos!!!! And yes, horses have taught me so much!!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That is so awesome!!!! ❤ ❤ I love his name…. It's perfect!!!!


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