Tuesday Tip! Tricky Tail bandages

This Tuesday Tip is dedicated to a good friend of mine who recently stated that every time she sees a horse’s backside it reminds her of me…

Now I’m sure there are many people who are reminded of me by a horse’s derrière but my friend was referring to a particular tip I gave her about applying tail bandages!

If you arrive at a show and find your tail bandage on the floor of your horse trailer or find yourself on attempt number 10 at applying it to begin with this will hopefully help you out!

  1. Start in the middle of the tail as opposed to the topIMAG0483
  2. Angle the tail bandage at around a 45 degree angle to start.IMAG0484
  3. Wrap the tail bandage firmly – not tightly – around. I tend to have it at half the tension of the bandage.
  4. Wrap the bandage around the tail, straightening the bandage so the start of the bandage is like a triangle over the top of the first wrap.IMAG0486
  5. Pull the triangle down to form a secure lip.IMAG0487
  6. Go all the way to the top of the tail.IMAG0489
  7. Go all the way down to the bottom of the tail.IMAG0491
  8. Bring the bandage back up to the center and finish where you started.
  9. Be sure that you apply the same amount of tension consistently up and down
  10. Complete by tying the bandage at the side of the tail – not the front. IMAG0494This stops the knot or bow catching the back-bar or back of the trailer if your horse lifts his/her tail up.
  11. Test the tightness of the bandage by placing your index finger under the top. You should be able to get your finger under the bandage – firmly. Too easy and it’s probably too loose or if it’s too difficult to do it it’s definitely too tight.IMAG0499
  12. Finally, pull the bandage above the knot down over it like a lip to protect the knot/bow and prevent it from coming loose.IMAG0498

Practice makes perfect when it comes to bandages. Practice at home when you can.

A final tip – you should be able to place your hands around the bandage and pull it off the tail gently but firmly. If you can’t – it’s too tight!IMAG0502


Tuesday Tips are short answers to help with the most common issues novice riders and horse owners experience. Your input, suggestions and experiences are welcome in the comment box! 

Also feel free to ask questions or make suggestions for further Tuesday Tips!



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