The Equestrian “Oops” Moment

Oops Moment: An action or brief moment in time when your behaviour causes you to question your competency as a horsewoman (or man) and/or a functioning member of society. For example:

  1. Throwing a quick flake of hay to the horses on your lunch break convinced you managed to escape unscathed from slobber and/or hay – until your co-worker begins to pick shavings and hay from your jumper during tea break and you notice the dirt smudge on your arm. Oops.f91f93d5c8e818f3a82aacd00658c551
  2. Alternatively – quickly skipping out during your lunch break and returning to work oblivious to the turd stuck to your shoe. Oops.
  3. Learning your dressage test off by heart & practicing it until the cows come home – only to realize the morning of the show you’ve learned the wrong test. Oops.
  4. Arriving at the show delighted that you’ve remembered absolutely everything on the list! Only to realize you forgot to put “GIRTH” on the list. Oops.
  5. Driving home on an empty tank knowing you’ll just about get home ok. Forgetting you’re hitching up and towing your horse to a lesson early the next morning and it’s 15 miles to the nearest service station. Oops.
  6. Dressing in your immaculately white jodhpurs only to smear black hoof polish down the front before you mount up for your test. Oops.
  7. Thinking you can quickly pull your two year filly’s head collar off over her head and getting your finger stuck under it as she twists her way out of it. One dislocated finger later – Oops.
  8. Mounting your horse & realizing you forgot to check your girth as you and your saddle slide down your horse’s belly in front of the entire riding club. Oops.2e433cdbc675068ca6502f4d08d42c39
  9. Deciding to burn the pile of old hay in the paddock and completely losing your shit when the wind changes in the direction of your muck heap and stables. Major Oops.
  10. Deciding to hop up quickly and ride the “naughty” horse in the lesson to “teach him some manners” and falling off said horse in front of all your students… Uuugh Oops.
  11. Being too lazy to change into your jodhs, mounting your horse and dying inside as your primark/penny’s jeans tear from the crotch to the buttock in front of EVERYONE. Oops.0fe590973e7c147a402fc78859484f34
  12. And finally.. Wearing a thong for your flatwork lesson. Need I say it? OOPS.

Yes. That was me. I’ve done all of the above. Now, I’d love to hear your Oops Moments! Cat xx




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