The Falsterbo Fork: A proper pooper scooper.

Roughly a month ago Anne from HorseWorld told me she was sending me the new Falsterbo Fork to review. At first I thought “Great! I need a new shavings fork!” but then the after thought hit me, “how in the hay am I going to write something about a pooper scooper?!”…. It’s a practical item, so here’s a practical review…

Yes dear, that’s horse you-know-what

The only information I was given was that the Falsterbo Fork is supposedly indestructible; Indestructible eh? Challenge accepted…. However, after some thought I came to the conclusion that it would be counter productive to purposely try to break the so called indestructible shavings fork. Instead I decided to put it to the test, properly of course.

If you like to keep your stables poo free with a big fluffy bed underneath the geegees like me, then it’s perfect. The fork is extremely light weight and although it doesn’t give the initial impression of a hard wearing yard tool it has stood the test and I actually really like it.

Here’s why:

  1. It’s affordable! The Falsterbo Fork retails at €29.99 from Horse World.
  2. As stated earlier, it’s light weight.
  3. The handle is long, which makes using it more comfortable – I’m quite tall at 5’9.
  4. It’s effective: The fork is curved and nearly acts as a basket. Once you scoop it holds the droppings in securely – no escapees! Nothing worse than having to scoop twice but this feature is actually saving me a few extra minutes before work every morning.
  5. It’s ideal for the young Saturday yard helpers as it is so light weight and effective, mucking out should be slightly easier for them (and you’ll spend less time giving out that the mucking out wasn’t done properly!).
  6. I think it would be ideal as an arena tool to keep the surface poo-free.
  7. If like to colour co-ordinate, it comes in a variety of colours.
  8. It’s flexible & durable, so the “forks” don’t get misshapen, unlike a metal fork.

All in all I really like it and find I prefer it to my old and more traditional shavings fork. However, if you do invest remember it’s a shavings fork – not a pitch fork! My beds are a mixture of shredded paper and wood shavings and it was ideal for this type of bed. Straw pellets or chopped elephant grass beds would also be suitable for this type of fork. It’s not designed for a straw bedded stable or the stable that may or may not have been properly mucked out in a week.. or two.. not that you would have a stable like that in your yard… but just in case you do… muck out more often using the Falsterbo fork!! It’ll save you money on bedding in the long term!

On another note – my stable cats loved it.



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