Tuesday Tip! Keeping it simple

Today’s Tuesday tip is going to be short and sweet; Try to keep it simple.

As riders and as instructors we can sometimes get too “into” it and complicate things. I myself am very guilty of it – both as a rider and an instructor. It’s because we love what we’re doing and want to see and feel the results!

However, remember that when it comes to learning, sometimes less is more. Whether you are learning a new movement yourself, teaching your horse something new or if you’re teaching a student it’s important to remember that it takes time to process information, for both horse and rider. Think of the feeding rule “little and often,” the same can be applied to teaching and learning!

It’s also very important to not skip the fundamentals. Riders need to understand that if they want to move up the levels you need to master the essentials – balance, rhythm and a clear understanding of the aids.

If we stick to the fundamentals more often than not we get the results we’re after. It’s a hard concept to grasp sometimes, but trust yourself and trust your horse. Keep it simple.

I try to explain to my students that real riding is not about “doing”. Riding is about a feeling, but this is sometimes very hard for some to accept. We sometimes think that we should be doing more in the saddle. Try doing less. Sometimes we focus so much on the doing we completely miss out on the feeling that the horse is giving us.

Learning to “feel” wont come if you over complicate the instruction or skip important steps in the process. Try not to jump to X, Y & Z without perfecting A, B & C!

So remember, take your time. Learning is a process & practice makes perfect. Keep it simple.

Tuesday Tips are short answers to help with the most common issues novice riders and horse owners experience. Your input, suggestions and experiences are welcome in the comment box! 

Also feel free to ask questions or make suggestions for further Tuesday Tips!



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