Riding tights???

So I took the marketing bait and invested in the new Horseware Ireland riding tights. Riding tights? It just sounds wrong doesn’t it? Nothing wrong with a good pair of jodhpurs! But curiosity killed the cat and I couldn’t help myself but to check them out and see if they are as amazeballs as they look.

Like most people I work a 9-5 job. I have to get the horses fed, watered, mucked out twice daily, Miss G ridden and then I have to walk the dog and exercise myself; as well as trying to spend more than 10 minutes at the dinner table with my family so that we all remember what we look like. Then there’s the odd riding lesson to do and the drama group and and and…..

You get the point. I run around a lot. Getting changed into the various apparel needed for all of the above activities is a chore in itself!

First impressions

So back to the riding tights! First impressions are good. They’re very comfortable. There’s a handy little side pocket on both sides that you’d never know was there – perfect for money or a phone. The material is light and of good quality – but guess what ladies – best of all you can’t see what colour undies you’re wearing! RESULT! I love exercise leggings/pants – but I never wear them unless I’ve some type of long tunic/cardigan thing over them for fear that my personal garments will be on show to the general public. Furthermore, another added bonus is that the Horseware Ireland riding tights are high waisted – no fear of plumbers butt! Very flattering (and dignified too)!

Riding in them

Myself and Giselle went for an hours hack last night to give them a go. We had a good long canter and popped a ditch. I was apprehensive at first that the material may be too slick to ride in. I’ve ridden in exercise pants before and found it very uncomfortable as I felt that I was just sliding on the smooth leather of my saddle.

Thankfully Horseware has avoided this problem by adding thin micro-fibre knee patches. This added the appropriate grip needed to feel secure in the saddle. Also, I found them very comfortable (especially across my dinner filled belly rolls!).

Would I recommend them?

In short, yes. I don’t think they are suitable to wear on the yard all day long (that’s not what they’re designed for anyway) but I wish I had had them for the long summer Saturday’s I spent standing in the middle of the arena doing lessons. They are comfy, light and if you do need to hop up on something you’re still going to feel secure.

I purchased them online from my local tack shop Horse World EU. Click the link for full details. Horse World has an excellent delivery service for Ireland and Europe – mine were delivered the very next day.

I’ll wear them to work on Monday as I have to drive straight to yoga afterwards and then ride the horse… no costume change needed!



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