Making a Champion

Today’s WordPress daily word prompt is “champion” (via Daily Prompt: Champion) which automatically makes me think of today’s big equestrian news – Rio Olympics individual showjumping gold medalists Nick Skelton and his horse, Big Star, have announced their joint retirement.

If you’re not familiar with who Nick Skelton is, he became Olympic champion in the Rio games at the age of 58. Nick suffered a broken neck in the year 2000 and at that point there was a question mark whether he’d ever ride again (if you’d like the full story you’re better off heading to the full article in Horse & Hound!).

Nick and Big Star are true champions. Their achievements are a testament to the belief  that no matter what age you are, no matter what hurdles life throws at you – you can still aspire to reach your goals as long as you hold onto the fact that you can do anything you put your mind to.

As a sporting community, we equestrians are the lucky ones. Gender and age play no part in our ability to achieve our goals. All you need is a self belief that you can reach for your dreams if you work hard enough for them and the patience to wait for that special horse.

So no matter what trials or tribulations come your way – dream big. You could be the next Olympic Champion – at any age!


2 thoughts on “Making a Champion

  1. They are indeed Champions. I understand that he tried not to ride after her broke his neck and then decided to come back to it anyway. Probably a wise decision to retire now having won the gold in Rio.

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