Saturday morning reflection…

IMG-20170401-WA0012I’m lying in bed, with two cats sleeping at my feet and my dog asleep at the foot of my bed. There’s a pile of washing on the floor and a basket of clean clothes still waiting to be put away – and they’re going to stay there. This is the first morning in months that I have been able to sleep in and I’m going to relish it! You see, Spring has sprung and the horses are OUT!!

Just like in Braveheart I have the sudden urge to scream freeeeeedom.

Months and months of darkness, early mornings and the endless factory like production of horse poo that I’ve personally shipped from stable to muck heap twice daily are but a distant memory. Winter is over.

So I reflect on “the horse” – the ultimate poo factory. Feed + hay + bedding × 4 equines… I dread to think of the production costs that created the imposing tower of Guaranteed Irish 100% organic fertiliser which blocks the sea view from the kitchen window.

However, if I’m going to enjoy this moment of solitude I shouldn’t be worrying about how I’m going to get rid of it just yet. Anyone have a Rose garden by any chance???

Anyway, Giselle is in the small paddock behind the house. My bedroom walls are shaking as she gallops back and forth, desperately trying to get the attention of her hairy legged neighbours next door – who are totally oblivious to her impetuous acts of exhibitionism. I’ll go out in a bit to remind her there are no worthy stallions in that field and that her energy is best saved for flirting with Solas instead. Even if he can’t give her a baby.

Spring has truly sprung.

Now I best get up. Back to reality. The dog is whining and the cats have been in for a few hours so I guess it’s time for a bathroom break. The mare is still galloping like a lunatic so I better go see what is going on.

Enjoy your Saturday peeps, what ever you get up to.

Cat x


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