That time you bought me a bucket…

That time you bought me a bucket, you made my heart jump with glee.

You see when it comes to the winter, it’s like the buckets all flee.

I once had what felt like a dozen, pink and red and green,

But since we bought those two fillies, buckets don’t last so it would seem.


Now to shed some light on the matter, it all began with a clatter,

When the chestnut decided to revolt, her actions came with a jolt.

One “scoop” was obvsiously an insult, as the first of the buckets was splattered,

With one slap of a hoof my poor feed bucket was broken into shatters!


It seems her influence had no boundary, as the notion began to quickly spread,

The other “lady” soon joining in, taking to the act like butter to bread.

One by one the buckets disappeared, as these fillies demanded more,

Their appetite for destruction, coming steadily to the fore!


So it would seem I was being a dope, cos I thought I’d be able to cope,

When I foolishly brought home two chestnut fillies, one on each end of a rope.

So the day you bought me those buckets, will stay with me for evermore,

A real life prince charming, like those from ol’ days of yore!


Now some girls might wish for handbags, others for gold diamond rings,

But what makes this horsey girl happy, is one of life’s simpler things.

Excited to say the least, a big surprise lay behind the door,

Not only had you bought new buckets, but a tonne of feed appeared on the floor!


So as our fillies grow  big and strong, their heads spouting over the doors,

The demand for feed increases, leaving only two things to wish for.

That when those two chestnuts come of age, they’ll hopefully show us some scope,

And that our buckets have longevity – for that we live in hope!


What more could a girl ask for?!










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