Welcome to Wild Atlantic Rider! If you love puppies, ponies (anything with fur and four legs really) and people then we are kindred spirits. If you work with animals and children not only are you slightly insane like me, but you’ll also understand how challenging a world it is and how rewarding it can be.

I’m based on the wild Atlantic coast of Ireland. This is where I live, work and most importantly, ride. I’m not an expert in any field and would never claim to be. Most of what I know has come from an influential teacher, riding instructor or student that I have encountered at some point in my life. This is reflected in my own interpretations and experiences (and the odd opinion) of how we can be better role models, mentors and teachers for those who entrust us with their dreams and ambitions, both horsey and non-horsey.

It is my obsession with all things horsey and my passion for knowledge sharing that have inevitably inspired me to create this blog. To put it simply, I’d just like to tie everything I’ve learned and everything I continue to learn together here – and share with you…


Please note: All work is my own. Use of content granted by permission only.

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